About Me

Since 1996 I have worked to support non-profit associations in the medical, healthcare and higher education industries; as the owner of JulNet Solutions, LLC. Overseeing this association management company, I have had the opportunity to work with volunteer boards and committees to successfully support the administrative needs of these organizations.

My Day Job

In today’s ever-changing world, non-profit associations and small organizations must focus limited resources towards reaching organizational goals often with a limited or volunteer staff. Association Management Companies can provide your non-profit association with a complete range of management services and the expertise to ensure your organization’s success.  For more information, please contact me at JulNet Solutions!

My Personal Bio

The oldest of 4 siblings raised just outside of Cleveland Ohio.  After living in various location in upstate New York moved to Huntington WV in 1996.  Blessed to be the mother of 3 fantastic children and the grandmother to 2 incredibly beautiful grandsons Nolan and Gabriel.  A graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Business Management.

My Passion

Travel! When I chose my geocaching name it was easy – Travels the World.  My suitcase can be packed in a matter of minutes and my passport is rarely more than arm’s length away.   I have had the incredible fortune to go places many only dreams of – Paris, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Singapore, Moscow.  The lists can go on and on.  My sense of adventure is strong.

"You are a true success when you help others to be successful"

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