How clear is your F.O.C.U.S.?

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I am a business coach on a mission to show overwhelmed entrepreneurs how to find focus in their business and in their lives. Together we look at the business through a series of lenses to gain an understanding of how well things are working or not and then develop a plan to move forward.

We look at:

F – Financials
O – Organization
C – Clients
U – YoU as the leader
S – Systems of accountability

When you have a clear focus in each of these areas, you can’t help but have success!

Julie K Hewett

Areas of Focus


Whether one on one or in a group/team setting.


Works with business owners to help them solve their toughest and most complex problems by bringing an approach to executable strategy that combines deep industry knowledge and insight.


Bringing together years of experience with resources to help create efficiencies and systems that will allow your business to flourish.

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Getting Clear on Your Business and Life Goals

If there’s one thing that keeps people stuck, it’s a lack of clarity. You know you want to quit your soul-sucking day job in favor of the freedom of self-employment, but you aren’t clear on the steps to take. You want to take an exotic vacation, but you aren’t sure where to go—or how to

Setting Goals for Success: 5 Tips to Define Clear Goals

Whether you want to set goals for your business or your personal life, defining clear, concise goals is very important. Without clear goals, you can end up confused about what you want to achieve, and you may be putting yourself on the path to stagnation. Clear goals can give you tremendous momentum and intense purpose

Inertia is Your Greatest Enemy and How to Overcome It

Wikipedia states that inertia is “the resistance, of any physical object, to any change in its velocity. This includes changes to the object’s speed or direction of motion.” So, what does that mean when applied to your life? It means that if you want positive change, you’ll be met with inertia, a form of resistance.

How to Use Habits to Reach Your Goals

One of the keys to reaching a new goal is to have habits in place that support that goal. If your current habits are counter-productive, you’ll need to change them or run the risk of coming up short. How do habits help you reach your goals? Suppose you have the goal of running a marathon:

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66 Day Habit Challenge – Starting August 18th

Nearly everything we do is a habit – both good and bad. When we become purposeful in deciding which habits we wish to keep and those we wish to break, we begin to lead our lives more intentionally. Join us on a 66 Day Challenge beginning August 18th to develop a new habit that will