Inertia is Your Greatest Enemy and How to Overcome It

Wikipedia states that inertia is “the resistance, of any physical object, to any change in its velocity. This includes changes to the object’s speed or direction of motion.”

So, what does that mean when applied to your life?

It means that if you want positive change, you’ll be met with inertia, a form of resistance.

How you live your life daily is a depiction of you moving around your comfort zone. The foods you eat, the levels of activity, the work you do in your online business, etc. are all done in your comfort zone.

For some people, doing the bare minimum is their comfort zone. If you’re guilty of this, it’s a good and bad news situation. The bad news is that it’s immensely difficult to progress in your business and in life if you let inertia control you.

The good news is that inertia is very easy to overcome if you know what to do.

In this article, we’ll look at a few ways to overcome inertia. Use these tips and you’ll notice that you become more productive and get things done much faster without delay.

Make small changes

The best way to overcome inertia is to take one small action to beat the norm. For example, if you’re trying to publish books online, you may have been thinking about it for ages, but you’ve never gotten down to actually writing anything.

You may not even have sat at the desk yet. You keep finding other tasks to do while you avoid doing what you need to. This is inertia and resistance.

Overcome both with a small change. It could mean writing just 100 words today. All you need to do is sit at the desk and write 100 words. Or maybe just sit and write for 10 minutes.

This action when completed, will tell your mind that you did it! The following day, repeat it and do a little more. Over time, incrementally increase your workload. It’s as simple as that.

When you have big goals and monumental tasks, you’re actually scaring and intimidating yourself. It seems safer to sit in the comfort zone… and that’s what most people do.

If you let inertia rule, you’ll discover that time keeps passing by but you see no progress and you’re still stuck in the muck and mire of mediocrity.

So, set very small and manageable tasks in the beginning. You’ll be much more likely to follow through and keep going. Once you do that, you’ve overcome inertia.

Keep the main thing the main thing

When you’re building a business, there will be some key tasks that you dislike doing. For some reason, it’s ALWAYS the crucial tasks that we try to avoid.

It could be writing content for your blog, or studying the numbers in your paid ads account, or making videos for your YouTube channel. It’s often the tasks we dread that contribute most to our online income.

These are income-generating activities. All other activities related to your business are secondary. Your focus should be on the ones that matter.

The best way to get these done, will be to do them first. Try and complete the tasks that matter most in your business as soon as your day starts.

Once you’ve completed them, you’ll easily breeze through the rest of your work and get it all done in no time at all. The weight of the ‘heavy tasks’ you dislike will be lifted when you’re done with them. So, it’s best to unload the burden early in the day.

To sum it up, these 2 pointers alone will work wonders in your online business if you apply them. Proactively make small changes in your life to overcome inertia, and complete the difficult tasks first. These are the habits that make winners and if you want to win, you need them in your arsenal.

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